Bringing sales calls to life

Software that acts as a sales companion by helping sales development people find and articulate the most relevant content instantly, as a prospect call unfolds.

More than a sales script

Sales calls often follow a similar path, from introductions, to objection handling, right through to competitor differentiation and qualification. Sales people know certain information about a prospect before the call, like persona and industry; and learn more as the call unfolds, like their existing solution and current pains. 

By acquiring all of this information, SalesGem can find the most relevant responses, like a Customer Story that is most relevant to a Marketing Manager in the Retail sector who currently uses a particular Competitor with a certain Pain.

Get selling fast

Our simple onboarding process will have your sales development team up and running in no time; making every conversation count.

Content gathering

Information around your solution and value proposition is gathered.

Manager training

A 2-hour training session where the solution is tailored to your business.

Hit the phones

Your sales team can instantly start using the software with success.

Hotline Consultant

Make every prospect call count

Confidence sells

The most demanding of prospect interactions can be navigated to a successful close with little prior research.

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Data driven optimisation

Gather intel on the conversations that your team are having and use that to improve sales and marketing content.

Faster ramp up

With the perfect response just a click away, even new hires can convert cold prospects into hot leads like their most tenured colleagues.

Sales Agent

Exceed  targets with SalesGem