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Make every sales rep a top performer with a custom plan from SalesGem.

Choose a plan

For further information on the breakdown of our pricing, please chat to one of our salespeople.

Sales Buddy


10 paid users included. €100/month per additional user.

Some key features
  • Dialogue management (admin)
  • Dynamic script
  • Admin onboarding & training
  • Sales team onboarding & training
  • Chat support

Sales Coach


10 paid users included. €200/month per additional user.

Some key features
  • All Sales Buddy features
  • 1:1 sales coaching (2x 30 minute sessions/user/month)
  • Video & phone support

What is sales coaching?

Often, the biggest difference between a top performer and a weak performer is their ability to communicate live with a prospect. At SalesGem, we bridge this gap with 1:1 sales coaching.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions, please use the chat box on our website.

Does SalesGem integrate with my CRM?

Yes. SalesGem integrates with most leading CRM providers including Salesforce and HubSpot. This allows you to capture more customer interactions and keep your dialogue up to date. There is an integration fee for this service, starting at €5,000.

How do reps avail of the sales coaching service?

Reps can book a 30-minute time slot via the chat bot within the SalesGem platform. Each rep can book a maximum of two coaching sessions per month. Coaching sessions are not accrued month to month.

What is the contract duration?

There is a minimum of 1-year contract.

Is there a hosting fee?

Yes. Each client has their own instance of SalesGem. This ensures privacy and enables each client to add as much content as they would like to the system. To understand the hosting costs, we will need to know the volume of content that will be added to the system. Hosting is typically a small fraction of the price of the system.

How do I manage content?

We understand the need to keep your content up to date. For that reason, all dialogue can be tagged with a future review date. That way, you'll remain compliant. IF you choose to integrate with your CRM, the system can manage certain content automatically (e.g. customer related reference stories) based on the status of the Customer in your CRM.