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Confidence Sells - Training Sales Reps to Know What to Say

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Confidence Sells

Have you ever felt nervous about hopping onto a sales call with a prospect? Most sales reps have; particularly if they’re new hires on ramp-up or speaking to an edge-case persona. It’s strange right? They showed such confidence during the interview process yet hesitate and stutter on a live prospect call.

The primary reason for this is a lack of knowledge of your company's content. What if they ask the difference between our solution and the competition? What if they ask for an overly specific case-study?

This lack of confidence is why a sales reps call numbers might be low, or that your ‘connected call’ to ‘opportunity’ rate isn’t where it needs to be. In fact, according to TOPO’s 2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report, ‘Live Call Execution’ was ranked as the number one issue facing sales teams. The best way to manage this is sufficient sales training using your specific company content.

What is Sales Confidence, and Why Does it Matter?

According to the Oxford dictionary, ‘Confidence’ is ‘the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something’.

As a salesperson, you are that ‘someone’ that must be believable. Your ability to communicate with sincerity and conviction is the first step toward building trust with the prospect. It is only after you reach this point that you can start building faith in that ‘something’ that you’re selling.

How to Sell with Confidence

According to Tony Robbins there are 9 starting points to improve your confidence and ultimately win more business.

  1. Make a good first impression

  2. Change your body language

  3. Practice mirroring

  4. Transform your state

  5. Develop your alter ego

  6. Learn about meta-programs

  7. Improve your communication skills

  8. Use visualisation

However, there is a little more to it than that. You or your sales team must first be confident that you know what you’re selling so you can handle the many thousands of possible scenarios that a prospect call may take.

As a bit of an example, I used to sing at events during my undergraduate studies. Despite my lack of vocal talent, I had a level of confidence that allowed me to perform and get a crowd going. For one particular gig however, I was asked to cover a song that I wasn’t familiar with. In the few moments before hopping up on stage I realised that I didn’t know the second verse - I just drew an absolute blank! Sure enough, once I got to that second verse, I flopped; mumbling nothingness in the tune of the song.

Watching a video of my performance that my friend happened to film, I realised that the worst part of the performance wasn’t my mumbling, but in fact the first verse… My lack of confidence was so apparent that my performance was monotone and underwhelming.

This is what a salesperson feels like when they hop on a cold call or turn Zoom on for their qualification call if they are not sure they will know what to say. This will quickly turn an interested prospect off!

In Summary

Sales Confidence isn’t something you are necessarily born with, there are techniques and tools that can help them improve and succeed. Converting conversations into closed business requires a salesperson to build trust and provide the prospect with the answers that they are looking for. However, In my opinion, the first step to get a prospect to converse positively with you is to know what you’re talking about - they will see straight through your waffle otherwise!

Conversations that Convert

SalesGem helps reps to have more compelling conversations by instantly finding the best thing to say during a live prospect call; enabling new hires to ramp-up faster and existing reps to exceed targets with minimal sales training.

Why not book a no-obligations demo today.

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