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Empowering Compliance, Elevating Conversations

SalesGem streamlines compliance monitoring by transcribing and analysing customer call recordings, generating detailed reports and promptly flagging any breaches.
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Scale Your Call Centre Compliance

For companies operating in regulated industries who struggle with non-compliant sales and customer service calls; SalesGem offers software that reduces training time for call operators and increases customer satisfaction whilst supporting ongoing compliance.

Monitor at Scale

No more spot-checking. Review every customer call on mass and sync directly with your CRM.

No Training Required

Call operators do not require access or training. Only power users have account access.

Single Tenancy

Your standalone instance of SalesGem means your data is secure and your AI is unique.

SalesGem does not hold your data on our systems.

We train our AI on your requirements

You provide your compliance guidelines, and we take charge. Our team of generative AI annotators craft prompts, coach, and continuously fine-tune our AI to understand and uphold these standards. For instance, a requirement may involve informing clients about the absence of guaranteed returns on investments. Rest assured, your needs are in capable hands.

Understanding you requirements
Transcription & Evaluation

We transcribe and analyse your calls

Simply upload your customer call recordings in bulk, and let SalesGem do the rest. Our advanced technology transcribes these conversations into easily searchable text and meticulously analyses them against your specific compliance standards. Say goodbye to random spot-checking and the risk of oversight. Now, you have the power to review every call, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

We report on and flag any breaches

Alongside offering in-depth reports for staff training, SalesGem promptly flags any customer call that doesn't meet your compliance standards and provides a clear explanation of the breach. This enables your team to take immediate action to resolve issues; reducing the risk of regulatory fines and protecting your company's reputation.

Reporting & Flagging

Financial Services


of claims against financial services companies were due to poor customer service and maladministration in 2022.

FS Ombudsman Complaints, 2022

How it Works

Watch the video to grasp how SalesGem utilises AI to review and flag compliance issues in all your customer phone calls.

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