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Convert More Sales Conversations

SalesGem helps reps to personalise every sales call by organising your company’s dialogue and case studies into a dynamic script.
Sales script

Make your material accessible to reps

All of your companies playbooks and dialogues organised into a dynamic script that can guide a rep to the perfect response, in real-time during a qualification call.

Get more from new-hires

Optimise training

Reps learn on the go, by having the right answers at the right time.

Ramp-up faster

Enable new-hires to communicate like tenured sales reps instantly.

Increase pipline

Convert more virtual meetings into qualified selling opportunities.

Conversational Intelligence

Unlike a typical conversational intelligence (CI) tool, SalesGem gives reps the perfect response in real time, rather than just transcribing a call for follow-up purposes.


Our existing clients actually use both, as learnings from their CI tool can be input into SalesGem.

sales learning material
Selling made easy

Selling a complicated B2B solution to a range of personas required regular training for my SDR team. SalesGem became a single source of truth, giving my team the confidence to hit the phones and secure more meetings.

Cormac, Sales Manager, Sproose

Adapting to Change

During these unprecedented times, sales development teams are having to work from home in isolation. Sales development reps can no longer learn by listening to their colleagues navigate through sales conversations, which impacts their development. SalesGem mitigates these effects, by guiding reps through the most challenging of calls with ease.

Win more business with SalesGem