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Turn your sales team into high performers

Sales enablement software that helps teams to personalise every customer interaction by making your playbooks and dialogue more accessible.
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The dynamic sales script powered by AI

All of your companies playbooks and dialogues organised into a dynamic call script that can guide a rep to the perfect response, in real-time during a discovery call.

Machine learning enables your material to become smarter, your sales reps to become more engaging and your pipeline to convert more.

Make every selling interaction count

Why SalesGem?

Any marketing person will tell you that personalising your customer experience increases win rates. SalesGem helps even your new-hires to communicate like tenured reps by finding the dialogue that will resonate the most with a prospect.

Personalizing Sales

Grow revenue

Personalising your customer interactions creates significant ROI.

Optimizing Sales Training

Optimise training

Reps learn by having the right answers in front of them at the right time.

Sales Hire Ramp Up

Ramp-up faster

Enable new-hires to communicate like tenured sales reps instantly.

Selling from Home

Since the pandemic, more and more sales teams have opted to work from home in isolation. Sales reps can no longer learn by listening to their colleagues navigate through sales conversations, which impacts their development. SalesGem mitigates these effects, by guiding reps through the most challenging of calls with ease.

Remote Sales Rep
"Our sales team quickly got to grips with the SalesGem software and increased their call activity by 30%"
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Dinesh Dahiya, CRO, Just Property.

Convert more sales with SalesGem

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